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When a Double-Chocolate Brownie is Better for You Than Quinoa
July 05, 2018
A new generation of tests offer diet advice based on your microbiome, the invisible world of bacteria that help you metabolize food.

Biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative synthesized
July 05, 2018
Polymer chemists have described the chemical synthesis of a polymer which shows early promise as a substitute for petroleum plastics in major industrial uses.

Here’s how drinking coffee could protect your heart
July 05, 2018
Coffee revs up cell’s energy factories and helps hearts recover from heart attacks, a study of mice suggests.

Recognizing our other pollinators
July 05, 2018
There are 32 economically important crops in Ontario alone that are pollinated by bees and other animals.

Biotech mosquitoes with defective sperm developed in Brazil
July 05, 2018
Brazil has developed a new type of genetically modified mosquitoes, with defective spermatozoa that results in sterile eggs, in its fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

What's hitting the shelves? New products: June
July 05, 2018
From sparkling coconut water to sparkling tequila, we take a look at some of the new products hitting the shelves around the globe.

Biotech Crop Adoption Leads to Greater Sustainability, Opportunities for Global Farmers and Citizens
July 05, 2018
Two new studies show continued environmental and social benefits of biotech crop use and adoption

'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification
July 05, 2018
Electrolysis of saline water generates hydrogen and oxygen, coupled with reactions involving globally abundant minerals to produce a solution that strongly absorbs and retains carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Gene discovery could make GMO poplar trees a renewable source of biofuels
July 05, 2018
Scientists have found that poplar plants with certain mutations created unexpectedly low levels of lignin across different environments and tree ages.

'Help to avoid food waste in the sharing economy': Denmark relaxes rules on individuals selling food
July 05, 2018
The Danish government has made it easier for non-food businesses to sell food as the popularity of digital food sharing applications grows, saying it will help fight food waste.

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