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Canadian Parliament Votes Against Mandatory Labeling of GM Foods
July 05, 2017
Members of the Canadian Parliament have voted against the mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods in its second reading at the House of Commons on May 17, 2017.

Alterra, DuPont partner on faster-degrading bioplastics
July 05, 2017
New materials firm Alterra Holdings is working with DuPont Co. on bioplastic compounds that would biodegrade at faster rates.

Trending 2050: The Future of Farming
July 05, 2017
Based on current developments, experts predict dramatic changes in agriculture by 2050.

What’s My Feedstock Worth? A primer for measuring bio-value
July 05, 2017
Whether you are owner or seller, you need to know the underlying value of a feedstock in the advanced bioeconomy — and that is not the same thing as its current market price.

The next big disruption in agriculture
July 05, 2017
Sometimes a shock to the system can be a very good thing.

Bioprocessor coming to Sarnia
July 12, 2017
U.S. firm plans commercial-scale demo facility.

GreenField Specialty Alcohols rebrands to Greenfield Global
July 12, 2017

In Canada, GreenField Specialty Alcohols, Inc., Canada’s largest ethanol producer and a world leader in high-purity specialty alcohols, announced it has changed its name to Greenfield Global.

Penn State researchers find hope in strip mining reclamation through switchgrass
July 12, 2017
In Pennsylvania, Penn State researchers are looking at how switchgrass might be successfully grown on former strip mining lands.

Study Shows Climate Change to Cause 23% Decline in Crop Production by 2050s
July 12, 2017
Climate change is projected to cause a 23 percent decline in the global output of major crops including corn, wheat, rice, and soybean in the 2050s, according to a study.

Vivobarefoot is launching a sneaker made out of algae
July 12, 2017
Vivobarefoot, a London-based purveyor of so-called “barefoot” footwear, is going green in an altogether unexpected way.

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