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A list of the most recent bioproducts updates.
Research Discovers How Plants "Turn Off" Immune Response after Confronting Pathogens
March 13, 2017
Research conducted at Queen's University in Canada has discovered the previously unknown means by which plants regulate their immune response to pathogens.
Japanese researchers disover model for how plants create glucose from CO2
March 13, 2017
n Japan, a research group has discovered an evolutionary model for the biological function that creates CO2 from glucose in photosynthesis.
Feelings mixed on gene-edited mushroom
March 13, 2017
Marketers say the idea of a non-browning mushroom developed through gene-editing techniques is intriguing, although few seem to know if consumers will accept the idea.
Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific seeks 80pc emissions reductions
March 13, 2017
Airline among world’s first to adopt fuels made largely from landfill rubbish.
Unleashing The Growth Potential of Key Sectors
March 13, 2017
In this memo, the Council uses the agriculture and food (“agfood”) sector to illustrate how the government, in concert with the private sector, can take a targeted approach that would unleash the sector’s full potential.

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